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American Learning Library is a support library for teachers in class and homeschoolers.

Each membership lasts 1 year. The regular price is $9.99, but if you buy a membership through Teachers pay Teachers it is $8.50.
Membership is for one person at a time, but you can carry your membership around with you, for example by prepping at home, then opening up American Learning Library on your class whiteboard.
You can have as many books or videos open as you wish, and there is no time limit on how long you can have them open. So if you wanted several books open for research, you simply have several tabs running at the same time. For as long as you want.

American Learning Library uses books that we have printed in the U.S. for over 30 years, often with partners such as Grolier. You may find them in your public library. But we have now become entirely digital. This allows us to embed videos into books, give each book its own search, and many other things. The videos, many taken by us for you, give a new and totally immersive experience other publishers can only envy.
Welcome to the new world of American Learning Library.
If you become a member and recommend other members, and we verify they have joined, for each member you get another 3 months free (to a maximum of 10). So if you like what we do, you can pay for one year and get another 3 years free!

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