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Inspire observation and creativity with these
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This week's freebie printables

Worksheet on the Environment
Suggested by Tom, Penzance
Display Cards on the Celts.
Suggested by Jared, Barnsley
Worksheet on the Saxons
Suggested by Janet, Wimbledon
Display Cards on the Tudors.
Suggested by Andrew, Maidenhead

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T and Cs: This service is designed to help the teaching community share its ideas and there is no charge for making up the material. Note that you are giving us suggestions as to how to make up a display for the community to enjoy. We do not guarantee to make up suggestions if they do not appear to have a wide appeal or are of a content unsuitable for children aged 5-13. You are providing guidelines for our high quality designers, who will make up a design using their experience. By sending these suggestions, you lay no claim to copyright or the subsequent use of material on the site or have any control of the design and final content. The final design will show curriculumvisions copyright in order that we may protect the material and prevent fraudulent use of something we have all created, and its use is subject to the terms and conditions of the rest of the site.

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