Curriculum Visions by your side

'This resource is vital in our school, helping our pupils become independent learners both at home and in school. It helps them build up a wealth of knowledge.'

Priced by the number of working classrooms per month, or available as an individual subscription by homeschoolers/individual teachers (not institutions or companies), and chargeable yearly in advance, this is what you get:



Here is the detail:

All school plans include use by everyone in the classroom.

Complete resources support (books, videos, display materials, lesson plans, worksheets and far more) for your curriculum in the key areas of English, Geography, History, Religion, MFL, Science

"I discovered I was buying into several subscriptions, while with Curriculum Visions I had everything I wanted in one place, and so could save the cost of those other subscriptions. Not only that, but the quality was higher.

Presentation materials for use on whiteboard and on learning/working walls and printables for giving out to students: comprehensions, spelling, grammar, summarising and far more

These materials are the most cost -effective way to provide support in these financially challenging times

Simply display free access

This is a free community area that gives you weekly updates on what has been loaded, allows to to view the home screen video and to use the 7000 items in the search (except for linked materials) without charge. You can also ask for display materials to be created for your school and you can download a new display item each week completely free. Just select 'Simply display' at the shop. There is no charge.

Paid school subscriptions

You get access to everything. You just pay for the number of classrooms you have in your school above reception (for example, a 1 form entry with J and I classes it would be 6 classrooms (years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6); you must count all classrooms, you cannot select just part of a school).

Choose Silver if you are happy to use just basic materials and no teacher resources and view only on desktops and laptops.

Choose Gold if you are happy to use just desktops and laptops but want teacher materials.

Choose Platinum if you want you and your students to use the full service on mobiles as well ( a common need at home).

You pay by the number of main teaching classrooms you have, so once you have a paid subscription these uses are free:

✔ Free reception classes

✔ Free computer suite access

✔ Free computer library access

✔ Free access for teachers and students at home

✔Separate password for teacher's resources. This means students can access only books and videos

Prepare your lessons on the train or bus on your way to school, on on your lap in your sitting room ay home using your tablet or phone (platinum subscription)


Access choices

Free features/laptops Silver [£3.00] Gold [£3.20] Platinum [£3.60] Individual [£6.60]
Use the search and access the community forum with a new downloadable item free each week
Access to home screen video which changes weekly
Chance to ask for a display item for your classroom created uniquely by our designers
Paid student features/laptops /laptops
Access to all student materials on laptops including interactive presentations, books, and videos plus all associated clipart and other resources to build illustrated projects
Paid teacher resources including photocopiables, lesson plans and printables /laptops
Access to all teacher materials including lesson plans, powerpoint presentations, worksheets, printables, all display materials on laptops/desktops/computer suites/interactive whiteboard.  
Access to all teacher materials on laptops  
Paid teacher and student use on all mobile devices including iPads, androids and phones (commonly needed for home use)
Access to all student and teacher materials on all devices including mobile.    


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