Week 9 video: Babylon

Eiffel Tower opens, 1899

+World Book Day World Maths Day St David's Day

National Reading Day

World Wildlife Day

Week 10 video:
  Age of Discovery

John Cabot instructed to look for unknown lands, 1493

Battle of the Alamo finishes, 1836

Bell patents the telephone, 1876

International Women's Day

Louisiana Purchase doubles the size of the US, 1804

Week 11 video:    Stir-fry
Mothering Sunday

Commonwealth Day


No Smoking Day

Julius Caesar murdered, 44BC (ides of March)

Goddard launches first rocket, 1926

St Patrick's Day

Week 12 video: The fight for water

Falklands War begins, 1982

March Equinox (equal day and night)

Stanley goes to look for Livingstone, 1871

World Water Day

Football League founded, 1888

James VI of Scotland becomes king of England, 1603

Week 13 video: The Easter Story
Palm Sunday

 Trans-Alaskan Pipeline, 1975

Maundy Thursday

Good Friday