Week 1 video: Rainforest adventure

Internet founded, 1983

Earth is closest to the Sun (perihelion)

Luna 1 spacecraft nears Moon, 1959

Edward the Confessor dies, 1066

Week 2 video:

World's first underground railway, London, 1863

National Trust founded, 1895

Week3 video:    First Civilisation

Act of Union of Great Britain passed, 1707

Scott reaches S Pole, 1912

Cook reaches Hawaii (Sandwich Islands) 1778

Week 4 video: Mountain

Jumbo Jet begins service, 1970

Milton Keynes is the first new planned city in the UK, 1967

First scouts, 1908

Australia Day, 1788

Week 5 video: Giant redwood

  Charles I beheaded, 1649

North Sea flood, 1953